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The process of making Thanjavur paintings require dedication and skill. Each painting is done stage by stage using semi-precious stones to decorate. These paintings are done on wooden board on which Layering of clay will get three dimensional embossed effect.

22 CARAT GOLD LEAF is pasted on the top, which gives a rich look to the painting. The drawing of the figures is monumental and robust and eyes are almond shaped. The portrayal of the figures in the paintings is breathtakingly brilliant.

THANJAVUR PAINTINGS, the most typical paintings flourished with the patronage of the MARATHA Kings in the 18th century. These paintings are in the gilded and gemset technique (famous for ornamental relief work) and are sacred icons of the Hindu deities.

The paintings are the scenes from the ancient scriptures of Hindu religion and the most famous style of South India. They are unique and rich in harmony of colors, designs, and traditional techniques blended with meticulous attention to details. The composition is characteristically static and consists generally of one main figure, the diety, centrally placed. The diety is formally housed within an enclosure of a palace or temple pavilion. Even when there is no architectural background, an enclosure is created by means of an arch, curtains, or formal surrounding borders.

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